The One Where I Flash the Lawn Boy


Note to self:

You live in the Suburbs, not a deserted island.  Occasionally there will be people who are close enough to your house that they will be able to see into your windows without even trying.  This is especially possible if your dear Hubby hires the lawn boy to do a little extra work.  

Dear Lawn Boy,

I am so sorry.  Blush.  I didn’t know you were in my backyard.  If I had known this I most certainly would not have been so bold as to take off my shirt and change my bra in the middle of the kitchen as you strode up onto the back deckEeek!  I apologize for the fright I must have given you, and trust me when I say you scared the hell out of me.  Never before have I darted so quickly behind the island in the kitchen, and this is the first time I have had to commando crawl in my own house…half nudie to find my shirt.  Sigh.  So now you know, this is what real women’s boobs look like.  Boobs that are 39 years old and have nursed 2 children.  Clearly I did not know you were there or I would have sucked it in  I am not that kind of desperate housewife.

Hope I can avoid you forever until you come back to cut the grass next week.


Ten colors of red, giggling and laughing while screaming at my Hubby for not telling me the lawn boy was coming early, ridiculously embarrassed, Married Cougar in the Suburbs.

*photo credit flickr


  1. Oh My! Am sniggering away here… this story made me smile for a Monday.. thank you! OH is often telling me off for flitting about half dressed… I swear the postman will get an awful fright one of these days! xx

  2. oh no you di-int!!!

    That’s pretty damn funny. I’m with you, though. The boy should know what REAL boobs look like!

  3. Happens to everyone. Hope it isn’t the neighbor’s son.

  4. LOL. I think you gave that boy a good education. Now he knows what real boobs look like.

  5. Oh my gosh…that is hilarious!!!

  6. Too funny Modernmom! I totally would have sucked it in for the lawn boy too…

  7. haha. and right now, he cant wait for school to start…

  8. I am sure you made his day!!

  9. Married Cougar in the Suburbs…LOL!

    So sorry that happened to you, but you know it’s pretty funny, right?

    I’m sure he was thinking, “That’s one hot mama!”

  10. Oh my gosh…this is TOO funny. 🙂

  11. Considering my lawn boy is my husband, he might appreciate a boob shot while he tends to the grass. 🙂

  12. LMAO. You should have embraced it and given him a little jiggle and a smile before high tailing it behind the counter. I bet you made that boys entire month! He’ll be talking about you for the entire school year. You should feel lucky! =)

  13. OH NO!!! How can you ever face him again!!?? Well, at least it made for good blog fodder. 🙂

  14. Can’t help laughing out loud! I can only picture one of those “Desperate Housewives” scene :))
    I am sure he is as embarrassed as you are though 🙂

  15. Awesome! One time I flashed the mormon’s that were going door to door. And then I made friends with the nice woman they live with-a little awkward but something you will laugh about later! Promise

  16. I totally will walk across my living room in the buff since all our widows face the back yard. I never considered a lawn man being back there seeing my goodies. Now I will think twice.

  17. oh lordy!!!
    i am so sorry.. lol
    but this is so why i guess sometimes.. just sometimes it’s okay to live out in BFE.. with no neighbors within 5 miles.. lol

  18. awww u just made his year!


  19. oh my word! I think I would die. Makes for a good story and a good Monday morning laugh. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Married cougar in the burbs – love it!! 😉

  21. Modern Mom,

    This blog post was a really funny one to read, espesically for a Monday morning. Dont worrry about feeling embarassed happens to everyone at one point or another!


  22. Oh dear. That would be so embarrassing! I hate seeing the landscaper right outside the windows. I get all creeped out. Remove a shirt and bra, and the situation would be horrifying.

  23. OH MY!! Think you embarrassed I wonder how he is. Watch him only come now when you are not home lol.

  24. ROFL… and to quote Martin Lawrence… daaaaaaayyyummmmmnnn!

    LOL.. you poor soul. I’d be switching lawn service people. LOL… (just kidding)… yikes…

  25. Oh my I would have felt the same way.. Have an amazing day..

  26. Oh no you didn’t!! Not that is a story he is telling all his friends.

  27. LOL! I did this once to the AC repairman! Not a good thing…

  28. ha ha I bet he can’t wait to come back 🙂

  29. I’m definitely laughing out loud on this one. I can totally see how this could happen though. I wonder which way he went with this one – gross out/embarrassment or “ohmigosh can I mow the lawn there everyday?” HEHE!

  30. I cant help it, thats hilarious!

  31. I just came across your blog from Top Mommy Blogs. (I’m looking to redesign my own blog.) I read this and just about peed in my pants! Too funny!

    I will be a new follower! Come by my blog when you get a chance…

  32. I just came across your blog from Top Mommy Blogs. (I’m looking to redesign my own blog.) I read this and just about peed in my pants! Too funny!

    I will be a new follower! Come by my blog when you get a chance…

  33. I would have absolutely DIED! At least you can laugh about it!

  34. Sorry to laugh, but that is the funniest thing I’ve seen/read all darn day!

    I’m sure that boy is looking at you with a new respect now!

  35. Good thing it was your bra and not panties, cuz you know how lawn boys love to trim hedges…


  36. oh no! something like this happened to me years ago. i had just gotten out of the shower and the shade on the window rolled up all on it’s own. i’d never hit the floor so quickly. thankfully no one was across the courtyard. I live in apartments.

  37. I would still be in the hole I crawled into. How embarrassing!

  38. I apologize for laughing at your misfortune and embarrassment, but it is hilarious! I can’t help it. I would have been mortified myself. No one needs to see these boobs anymore. Not even me.

  39. I am sure he is going to be back very soon! That is hilarious. I know our guys come every Wednesday morning around 10 am…I am always fully dressed!

  40. I think this is a good thing. Now you don’t have to tip him. Gratuity already taken care of by the free show.

  41. hehe you go cougar!! LOL You’re so Courtney Cox rock it girl 🙂

  42. HILARIOUS!! I’m sorry, that was probably more traumatic for you than him, by far!

  43. Happy Tuesday..

  44. I love the- “this is what real boobs look like” part! Wow this was funny- thanks! 🙂

  45. LMAO!! I probably would have begged my hubby to hire a different lawn boy. Just saying. ;p

  46. oh, I would have died…or he would have died. and his screams would have been heard across the great divide, too…

  47. ah, I flashed the cable man in May. Same way. Guess it is not that uncommon, huh!? OR we are two odd ducks!

  48. OMG, whatever, you totally made this guy’s day!!!!

  49. I would have died. I probably would have got so red I would have looked sun burned.

  50. thanks for the late night laugh!

  51. haha – love it! “The one with” got me to read this – i love FRIENDS!

  52. Im sorry to laugh at your expense but this is totally something I would do, so I can feel your shame from here!!

  53. OMG too funny! I would have died. Looking forward to hearing how it goes next week 😀

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  55. OH my gosh – too funny!!!! So glad I stopped in to check out your blog. This post made it well worth it, lol. Good luck with that next week 😉

    Thanks for following, and I’m following back – looking forward to reading more!


  56. Not to embarass you even more but he’s probably told all his friends about it by now. Just be thankful he didn’t have his mobile phone out hee hee

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