I‘m Neurotic & He Still Loves Me

I worry that because my Wedding rings feel tight  my finger might be broken?  Did I sprain it?  This could be the on set of arthritis!  He reminds me it is 40 flippin degrees Celsius out. Hot and sticky plus popcorn equals rings not fitty.  He calms me down. 

He reminds me that a headache can be just that.  A headache.  Google and symptom checker, not always my friend.

I’m sure that this outfit, the seventh I have tried on, is just as bad as the first six.  He truly cares, and helps me find something I feel good in.  He loves me enough to help me find a pair of “you don’t look fat in those pants”.  He makes me feel “hawt”.

He gets that chocolate chip cookies are the perfect breakfast food. He doesn’t judge, as a matter of fact, sometimes he even bakes! 

He finds it endearing…ok he tolerates it, when he finds croutons in the bed.  Who eats salad in bed?  Um Me.

He knows if I’m in a bad mood..like almost never, cause I’m perfect……that it is best to never ever ask if I have PMS, or acknowledge that mood!  Actually it might be best not to make eye contact, just bring chocolate. 

He lets me have the aisle seat on the plane, even though he is the one way over 6 feet…cause I need it….I just do!  It feels less confined, there is more power in that seat, he rolls with it.

I always get the side of the bed that is closer to the bathroom too.  I don’t know why, but I need that side, it’s better.

He shakes his head and plays along when I ask him for the third time “Are you sure this chicken isn’t pink?”.

He will even taste the milk to assure me it isn’t sour.

He gets my particular kind of crazy.  He is the calm to my spaz, and the quiet to my chat. 

Sometimes I can’t believe how lucky I am that he loves me….cause I’m all neurotic like that. 


  1. LOL I love that you are like that. You’re lucky to have someone who understands!

  2. Aww, he sounds wonderful!

    (And yes, of course you’re perfect; we women all are!)

  3. Judging from your list, I think that I might be neurotic too, thank god for hubby’s that put up with us!

  4. awwww, sounds like you’ve got yourself a good one!:)

  5. That’s the best love 🙂

  6. It’s nice to find the one who doesn’t think you are neurotic!

  7. Oh, how sweet. That’s what love is all about. I bet you put up with some of his “quirks,” too.

    Love the croutons in bed. Last night, I ate popcorn in bed. When my mister stood up, he had two kernels stuck to his back. LOL!

    The things they do for love.

    Great post. Oh, and you’re not neurotic. Just normal.

  8. My husband is the perfect compliment to me too. It is great to have a partner who calms and evens you out.


    Are you sure you’re not MY wife??

  10. Aww. He’s the yang to your yin. I love it. Gives me hope that someone might be out there for my brand of crazy too…

  11. What a sweet ode.

  12. You are a very lucky woman.

    ANd he’s lucky, too, b/c you appreciate him.

    Wonderful post.

  13. Aww– the plane seat story reminds me of The Wedding Singer movie!

  14. oh you sound like you have a keeper – maybe I could borrow him and he could give my hubbie some pointers??

  15. sweet sweet post… i love it!!!

    and aren’t them boys just so sweet sometimes!!

  16. Love this post…sounds like he is very sweet and caring to your needs… you both are just as lucky to have each other.


  17. That is soooo me and my husband. Sometimes I wonder what he is thinking when he shakes his head and smiles…even when i know i am a big ol hot mess…he still loves me, and i am so thankful!

  18. Sounds like I’m just as neurotic as you…I think it’s our job as women!

  19. lol. sounds like you found your perfect match. smiles. loved this post.

  20. Quite a few in there are very familiar to me and my fiance. You got an amazing hubby.

  21. You’re a lucky gal but somehow, I think he’s a pretty lucky guy!

    You must be doing something right!

  22. You’re a very lucky woman! He sounds like an absolute gem:)

  23. Behind every neurotic woman is a patient and loving husband.

    I thought I was the only one who ate salad in bed.
    A few weeks ago, it was ravioli with red sauce. ~crazy~

  24. omg … this wasn’t the right post for me to read today.

    Nothing against you and your loving husband … but I’m clouded by a broken heart today … if u read my most recent post u will understand …

    Sorry to rain on your parade 🙁

  25. Awww, sending some bloggy schmoopie-ness to your hubby! 🙂

  26. Lucky lucky!! Love this =)

    I’m gonna have to show this to my hubby: “He gets my particular kind of crazy. He is the calm to my spaz, and the quiet to my chat.”

    that describes us too =)

  27. I have to sleep on the side near the bathroom also, and your quirks are endearing, or else I’m so full of them myself that I relate to you!

  28. I dont know how my hubs puts up with me either!

  29. What a sweet tribute to your husband! My hubby gets it that he has to sleep closest to the door – so that if the boogey-man ever comes, while Hubby is fending it off (or being eaten) I can escape out the window! 😉

  30. Too cute! I love this post. I think it describes perfectly what it means to be in love.

  31. Sounds like the perfect man!

  32. Awww this is such a romantic post, this is what it’s all about, accepting. Just lovely.

  33. I’m jealous…no really, I’m jealous! I don’t think, no I know mine wouldn’t give all that up for me. I love him, but he’s stingy.

  34. He sounds like a keeper for sure!

  35. Okay, the milk thing does equal true love.

    When I get all hypochondriac on my wife, she just tells me to shut up and that I am an idiot.

    She keeps me grounded.

  36. I love that even with the neurosis, you can see all his good points!

  37. awww – you’re one lucky woman! 🙂

    ~ash’s mum

  38. Isn’t it so lovely to be so loved.

  39. WORD! I totally woke the hubs up at 2 am last night because I couldn’t find the cat’s medicine. He was all… did you look in the cabinet? I was all… OF COURSE! Yeah, it was right where we always keep it. He handed it to me, gave me a kiss and went back to bed. Aren’t we lucky to have snagged a couple o’ good ones?

  40. You have a great hubby. My hubby puts up with my craziness, too. Also? You and I are like kindred spirits! We could be BFF’s, I swear. I worry all the time over EVERYTHING. Everything. And I’m neurotic, totally and 100%.

  41. This was too funny! I am finally in a position to start catching up with all my blogging divas — boy am I so out of the loop. I can relate to so many of your quirks, you have a keeper there darling.

    all the best, Coryanne


  42. Yep!! sounds alot like love! … that’s sooo funny, I was just talking to my friends about PMS and how much I hate when my boyfirends blames all my little outbreaks on PMS…but the fact is, hes usually right! I admit it after the week is over haha
    Funny and sweet blog 🙂

  43. Too funny! You’re lucky to have someone like him but I suspect he’s lucky to have you as well. 🙂

  44. Too cute. He sounds great

  45. Dat’s love, true love! Isn’t it grand? 😀

  46. Hey girl! You have an award waiting for you. Stop by and grab it when you get a chance =)


  47. This is such a sweet post. I too must have the side closer to the bathroom and I must have the isle seat, even at the movies! Actually he just emailed me with my aisle seats for my flight home.

  48. I love that you wrote this, it’s awesome!! (And I do that thing with the chicken too!!)

  49. The Geek.Boy.Husband gets me like that. All Day. Makes me a VERY lucky Geek.Girl.Wife.

  50. Haha I totally understand the pink chicken! My Boo teases and says I like my meat burnt. lol

  51. kathy downey says:

    Love this post,i think you are both blessed to have each other.

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