How a Heat Wave Can Make You Broke

During the biggest heat wave of the century here in the Suburbs, my air-conditioner decided it can not survive one day longer.  The furnace died right along with it.  From sympathy pains?  We must replace them both NOW.  Air and Heat, not an option in Canada.

Of course while withstanding this cruel weather that our poor Canadian Children are not used to, sans air-conditioning,  I go for Mother of the Year and allow my monsters children extra helping of freezies and popsicles.  You know, to help cool them down.  On one of those trips to the freezer, one of those delightful little girls left the deep freezer door wide open.  EVERYTHING THAWED and the result is the worst kind of stinky summertime funky.  Ug.

Toss the funk, and off to Costco we go to replace the lost freezer food.  Costco is clearly a wise choice because I never over spend there.  While there I decide I NEED 24 giant double chocolate chip muffins and a lifetime supply of toothpaste.  Um impulse buy much?

Absorb the sticker shock of my Costco total by eating more then my share of those muffins.  I am left with an an oh so pleasant “Why did I eat so much?” feeling.  I felt so fat and gross I decided I had to buy some more Lulu Lemon pants to make my butt look good get me all motivated to workout!

On my way home from Lulu I couldn’t just walk buy those lonely shoes on the sale rack, not when they were crying out for me to take them home!  A quick stop for a mani to help me cope with all the stress!  Sigh.

Turns out if you take away a girls air-conditioning, she is going to need some retail therapy to get through it. 



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  1. A little bit of retail therapy always makes the world a better place. Not necesairily cooler but better nonetheless.

  2. whew glad u wrote this after our heat wave broke or i might be in trouble

  3. There’s AC at the mall too… Just sayin’… If you need an enabler, I’m here 🙂

  4. The heat was brutal! You should have also gotten a pedi to help you through it all. Cheers!

  5. Great post… reminded me of the book “If You Give a Moose a Muffin”

    Hope things cool down for you..

  6. Sorry about the air & heat. I’m actually going to Costco today with my dad. I heart Costco 🙂

  7. Retail therapy always works wonders for me too.

  8. Oh crap! The heat wave was awful and the damn humidity is not going away. Hope you get the AC fixed.

  9. Costco has something about it that just screams impluse buy. I have a family of 2 and we shop at Costco often-for things I don’t need. And then the samples make me gain at least 2 lbs before I leave the store. Sorry about the AC and Heat. Gezzzz not fun!

  10. I am so tired of this heat and humidity! I was thinking I wanted to move farther north to escape it, but it sounds no better where you are. Summer heat is the best excuse to get to an air conditioned store and impulse shop :).

  11. I feel your pain. We got to buy new Heat/Air within the first month of living in our house. NOT fun!

    And Costco is evil. Last time we went I left with a 10lb bucket of chocolate chip cookie dough. Half of it is gone and I have yet to bake one stinkin’ cookie….apparently I’m immune to the GIANT warning printed on the front that says you should not consume raw dough. Eh. Whatever. I’m still alive.

  12. any excuse for some shopping, eh? :p

    ~ash’s mum

  13. Know what you are talking about. I live in Florida and it’s a hot one almost every day! ♥ Costco!!

  14. You, my friend, are hilarious!

  15. ummm.. can you please send me a muffin… haha!!!!!

    hope that air gets fixed soon.. i would die, and yes.. probably literally die down here in the south if i air stopped!!!

  16. Shocking, I have no A/C but I know your heatwaves up there are longer then my 2-3wks long ones here. I’ve been taking cooler showers atnihgt, and not drying off and just laying 1 sheet over me. That’s it! hubbie’s been complaining that it’s too cold with the windows open and ceiling fans on? (the man is insane)

    also another expense? letting your kids run the well dry watering themselves and not the plants.

  17. Look—that kind of spending is a right and a duty when it’s hot and nasty. Spend away, my friend.

  18. I totally love your tongue-in-cheek view on the need for Costco shopping sprees!

  19. What a triple whammy! Is it still hot up there? I don’t get it. Canada is closer to the North Pole which makes you guys more cold, how come you are having the heatwave while in California, it’s cold? That’s weird. Hope you have the air-conditioner fixed soon.

  20. And that is exactly why I canceled my membership. I would go in for diapers and only diapers and would come out with a cart full of things we really didn’t need. Those muffins are my weakness!

  21. Gotta love the AC with temps like this!

  22. Wow…you alone might just help the economic issues we are having!!

  23. What? Your plan sounds perfectly reasonable to me!

  24. Is costco anything like Sam’s Club???? I lose track of my wallet ( and my mind) in there…… your post made me wish I could describe a spending spree so eloquently, and so humorously….

    and now I want muffins….

  25. Sounds like the perfect reason to give yourself a little retail therapy! I have to admit I probably would have done the same! So sorry your air conditioning,furnace AND food in the freezer all were lost!

  26. It stands to reason that those purchases were made. I see the logic in all of it.

  27. Oh man, that is one expensive fix. I NEVER overspend at Costco either. 🙂

  28. I like how someone reminded you that there’s A/C at the mall — enabler!! 😉

  29. a girl’s gotta do what she has to to survive!

  30. Of course a girl needs retail therapy after all of that! I went to the mall today and what great sales I found! 🙂

  31. I’ve had a few occasions where I found the freezer door standing open. Not long enough for a complete loss, but long enough that you could tell things were losing their cool… to speak.

    I like Costco, but my wife wants nothing to do with those bulk stores. She thinks it’s a waste of time.

  32. What a series of events–yeah serious retail therapy is needed!

  33. LOL! We’re too broke to afford AC, I guess that’s a good thing after reading this post 😀

  34. Retail is the cure for anything!

  35. Retail therapy is a good idea!!

    (try showering with your bra on to cool you off. It works!!)

  36. Retail therapy is def a good idea!! did you get your A/C fixed. I am dying on my end. I am from Canada too and I love warm weather but last weeeeeeeeeeek was wayyyyyyy tooo hot!!

  37. kathy downey says:

    I live in Newfoundland and we never get it hot enough to complain

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