The Vintage Pearl-Giveaway!


Simple beauty.

Creative hand-stamped sterling silver jewelry, uniquely crafted just for you! Each and every piece is created by hand. The charms are cut, filed, hammered, hand stamped, antiqued, polished and brushed with care in the Vintage Pearl Studio. The result, a one of a kind piece.

Start to explore The Vintage Pearl site and you could be lost for an hour. There are so many fabulous pieces! Unique and timeless, the details are remarkable. What could be better then personalized jewelry that is part art, and all kinds of pretty?


How about a giveaway for a $50.00 gift certificate!

This way you can pick your own pretty from the amazing selection.

You can have a hand in creating your own one of a kind, hand stamped jewelry by The Vintage Pearl!


Mandatory Entry:

Visit come back and leave me a comment telling me which beautiful piece you covet for yourself. Warning, between the bracelets, the necklaces, and the keepsakes that are too cute for words, you will have trouble choosing just one!

Extra Entry’s:

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8. Blog about this give away and copy me the link. Earn yourself 3 extra entries! (this means you have to comment 3 times!)

That is EIGHT different ways to enter!!

PLEASE…leave separate comments for each entry!

Contest is open to US Residents and closes Tuesday February 9th.

The winner will be picked by


This contest is now closed!

* I received product for the sole purpose of reviewing. No monetary compensation was given for this post. The opinions in this post are my honest opinions and have not been influenced by the reception of said product.


  1. I love the dainty drops necklace! I’m following you and the Vintage Pearl, I’m also grabbing your button to add to my page. Have a great day!

  2. What a great giveaway! I love the Circle of Love necklace! I would wear it every day!


  3. What a great giveaway! I love the Circle of Love necklace! I would wear it every day!


  4. I follow you, of course!


  5. I follow you, of course!


  6. So hard to choose just one! I think I would have to get the circle chain bracelet with the word “dream” on it,

  7. I’m not following The Vintage Pearl!


  8. I’m not following The Vintage Pearl!


  9. I voted for you on Top Mommy Blogs!


  10. I voted for you on Top Mommy Blogs!


  11. I like the layered mother of pearl necklace…it has enough room for all six of my children’s names!!!

  12. I’m adding your button now! Check out my sidebar!


  13. I’m adding your button now! Check out my sidebar!


  14. Following Vintage Pearl

  15. I already follow you

  16. And I linked up your giveaway on my blog @


  17. And I linked up your giveaway on my blog @


  18. And I linked up your giveaway on my blog @


  19. And I linked up your giveaway on my blog @


  20. And I linked up your giveaway on my blog @


    WHEW! 😉

  21. And I linked up your giveaway on my blog @


    WHEW! 😉

  22. The dainty drop necklace, and the one w. the simple heart, simple love — ack – what is it called? It’s BEAUTIFUL!!!

  23. I follow you!

  24. I’m trying to vote for you but just don’t get how, every time I click on you (I found you at #37!) I wind up back at your blog. D’oh!

  25. What a fun giveaway. Thanks for having it..

    I like the hand stamped key chain..

  26. I already voted for you..

  27. I enjoy following you..

  28. I have your button on my side bar on the right… I think you have seen it.. have a great day.

  29. ♥I Love Love Love the Dainty Drops…♥

    ♥Stephanie H.♥

  30. ♥ I’m following the vintage pearl on her blog now..

  31. ♥ I already follow you!

  32. ♥ I am now following the vintage pearl on twitter now.

  33. ♥ I am now following you on twitter.

  34. ♥ I think I voted for you I wasn’t really sure how to do it but I clicked on the vote in button idk..

  35. ♥ I grabbed your button and put it on the right side of my blog page under the Life is sweet picture.

  36. ♥ I also grabbed the Vintage Pearl Button and put it rigt below yours on my’s at

  37. ♥ I have also blogged about this amazing giveaway!!(1)

  38. ♥ I also blogged about this giveaway (2)

  39. I also blogged about this givaway (3)

  40. ohhh i would love the bitty blossoms necklace…

  41. I’m following the vintage pearl!

  42. I’m already a follower!! ;o)

  43. I’m following the vintage pearl on twitter!

  44. I’m following you on twitter and tweeted about the giveaway!! ;o)

  45. I’ve been following for a while now. I like the square and heart necklace, and my wife would love it for her birthday this month.

  46. i like the dainty drops necklace – so beautiful

  47. i am following vintage pearl blog now

  48. i follow yoru blog

  49. im following hte vintage pearl on twitter – @3littleonesblog

  50. i follow u on twitter – tweet:

  51. The layered mother of pearl is lovely.

  52. I follow you publicly 🙂

  53. I follow you on Twitter as @TooManyHats

  54. I clicked on the link to vote for you.

  55. these are just beautiful.. i love the daintiness of them so much!

  56. You are so right, you can totally get lost on that site! I kept going back to the Heart & Copper charm in the Unique section! Love it!

  57. I already follow you publicly and proudly! 😀

  58. I follow you on Twitter and I RT’d your tweet about it! (I’m baptistness there too!)

  59. I am following thevintagepearl on Twitter now as well!

  60. Voted for you!

  61. Your button has BEEN on my blog! 😀 It’s on the right, under the “Reach out and touch” heading. 🙂

  62. I have always wanted one of these stamped necklaces…been HINTING to my hubby for a necklace with the boys name on it for a year.
    Super sweet giveaway!

  63. I’d love the heart and copper necklace.

  64. I follow you too.

  65. I follow your blog!

  66. I love the letters necklace. Great idea and adorable!

  67. i love the square names on a chain!

  68. i am following you on twitter! 2

  69. i am following the vintage pearl blog 3

  70. following vintage pearl on twitter! 4

  71. following your blog!!

  72. i added your button!

  73. i added vintage pearls’ button!

  74. Oooh. I love the hope bracelet. I def need a new bracelet! 😉

  75. I already follow you.

  76. I follow you on Twitter and tweeted.

  77. I like the “come fly with me necklace”

  78. I am also now following you on Blogger!!

  79. I am also following the Vintage Pearl Blog

  80. I ma following you on Twitter!!

  81. I am also following The Vintage Pealr on Twitter

  82. wow. love her stuff. my fav is the layered mother of pearl–so gorgeous. i am already a loyal twitter follower of yours and now one of vintage pearl, too! grabbed their button, too.

  83. I’m already a follower 🙂

  84. you were right about having a hard time picking out just one!
    I love the heart and copper necklace. It’s beautiful. So is the large layers, the one with the tiny feet… Oh how I wish my daughter was that tiny again!

  85. I added your button to my page 🙂

  86. and I voted for you as well!

  87. I love the layered mother of pearl – gorgeous!

  88. I love the dainty drops necklace. SO cute!!

  89. I am a follower too.

  90. I follow you!

  91. I follow you on Twitter!

  92. Following the Vintage Pearl on Twitter!

  93. I am following the vintage pearl blog…so sweet.

  94. Following Vintage Pearl on blogger too!

  95. I got your button ;D

  96. I love your blog and I am happy to take a button but I want to figure out how to make my own too!! Where can I get one?

  97. I love the Initial on a Chain – I would choose a D with a pearl. Lovely.

  98. I’m a follower!

  99. Just found your blog…what fun! I also checked out the Vintage Pearl. Love the layered circle of love. Great stuff.

  100. I am entering your contest!! So…I went to the site, and I love the Family Nest necklace. I want that one!!!

  101. I am following the vintage pearls blog!! This is my entry.

  102. I just voted for you on!
    Wanted to let you know for an extra entry!!

  103. Ohhhhh I love the dainty drop earrings! How pretty! Woot!

    Thanks for a great giveaway and for entering mine! 🙂

  104. Stalking you!

  105. Stalking you on Twitter toooooo!

  106. Voted (again!) WOOT!

  107. Love this necklace! If I wasn’t so lazy, I’d enter 🙂

  108. Love Love Looovee come fly with me!!!!!!!!

  109. following vintage pearl on twitter

  110. following sassy modern mom

  111. your button is on my sidebar.

  112. I like the come fly with me necklace the best.

  113. I now follow the Vintage Pearl publicly.

  114. I now follow your blog publicly.

  115. Hey, I blogged about you at
    So, here is another entry for me!! Thanks!

  116. I read that you after you blog about this giveaway, you have to leave 3 separate comments. Right? So I left a comment to tell you I blogged, so here is my 2nd comment! I love your blog and I hope I win!!!

  117. Ok…and here is my 3rd comment about blogging your giveaway on my blog. Here is the link again and here is my 3rd entry!!!

  118. I grabbed your button and put it here

    I love your blog and I hope I win!!!

  119. I added the vintage pearls button to my blog @

    So, here is my entry for doing so! Hope you enjoy my blog as much I enjoy yours!!

  120. i LOVE the mama bird

  121. I’m a follower

  122. I follow you on twitter (@PBinmyHair)

  123. I have your button (on my blogroll!)

  124. I like the bitty blossoms.

  125. I’m following you on Google Friend

  126. Following Vintage Pearl on twitter (MommyBKnowsBest)

  127. oops. breezed over the “separate entry” part. now I follow vintage pearl on twitter.

  128. i grabbed VP’s supercute button.

  129. i retweeted you on twitter!

  130. i Love the circle Charm Bracelet! So cute!

  131. i follow you! Cute blog! come by and visit me anytime! =)

  132. I follow you on here.

  133. I also follow you on twitter.

  134. Circle of Love necklace. simple but elegant

  135. I love the dainty drops.. I follow you and I grabbed their button come see at


  136. Sooo many cute things! I’d have to pick the large layered necklace with the baby feet in the middle.

  137. And I follow you of course!

  138. I follow Vintage Pearl.

  139. I follow you!

  140. I follow Vintage Pearl on Twitter!

  141. And, I just love the “Initial on a chain.” I would go with a lower case “d”

    Just darling!
    Thanks for offering the giveaway!

  142. come fly with me necklace!! please pick me or i will have to buy it for myself!!

  143. Following the vintage pearl. Loving the blog btw.

  144. Following the vintage pearl on Twitter!

  145. Following SassyModernMom on twitter!

  146. Voted for you at “Top Mommy Blogger”!

  147. OH and for the mandatory entry, the come fly with me necklace. I just love it!

  148. I am the biggest fan of The Vintage Pearl! 🙂 I love Erin’s work! Right now, I’m lovin’ the mother of pearl necklace!

    contact me at:

  149. I follow the Vintage Pearl blog 🙂

    contact me at:

  150. I am now following your blog 🙂

    contact me at:

  151. I already follow the vintage pearl on twitter 🙂

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  152. Voted for you!!

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