Allergic to Pigs


Did my research.

Felt confident in my decision.

For us, the right choice was to get that vaccine as soon as we were eligible and could get our arms on that liquid gold. A hot commodity around these parts.

Took my two girls a week ago for their H1N1 vaccine. They did great. A couple of tears, followed by sore arms for a few days. Now hopefully they are protected from the virus that is putting so many people in the ICU.

So now it was my turn.

Went the clinic once it was open to the General Public.

Stood in line with 300 other people for 20 minutes for the privilege of being protected. Courtesy of our Canadian Health System.

Took it in the arm.

Waited 15 minutes and was on my way.

Got home.

Something wasn’t ……..right.

My tongue was…itchy? My lips were buzzing? My palette was burning?

I was panicking.

Called the Health Unit.

“You may be having an anaphylactic reaction. If you are having trouble breathing call 911. If not get to a Doctor.”

$*@#ing great!!

Now I am panicking. I am home alone and I am scared. Did I also mention I may also be a bit of a hypochondriac.

My tongue looks swollen to me. Doesn’t it look like my throat is swelling up. Is it getting harder to swallow.

How about I just get behind the wheel of my giant SUV and drive to the Doctor’s office. Brilliant idea.

The good news. When you tell the receptionist at the Docs office that you think you are having a scary reaction to the H1N1 shot you just received…you get right in.

Let’s shorten this up now.

Doc checked me.

mmm More concerned about my spiking temperature then anything else?

(Duh…perhaps because I am having an anxiety attack now??)

Sit in the waiting room and wait for a re-check…… see if I’m gonna die.

Send up a little prayer.

Basically, Doc sends me home because he has never seen a reaction like this before and tells me it’s been two hours and doesn’t know what else to do for me. He tells me to watch for symptoms of my throat swelling up. And no, he can’t guarantee the worst is over. NICE. Second opinion please?

Home I drive. Trying to keep it together. Looking at my tongue in the rear view mirror at every stop light. My heart is still racing. I am so pathetic.

Meanwhile the Hubs has talked to 2 other people who have had the EXACT same reactions!!! Why are we not told this?

Symptoms of swelling lips, buzzing tongue, tingling pallet. Not that uncommon? Don’t panic girl.

Slow steady breaths.

Now I just have to get through the next 24-48 hours and this too shall pass.

If I had known this was a possibility would I have had the shot?

I honestly don’t know.

Would you?

Hope none of you have had a scary experience like this one…hope I’m the only one who found out this week that she is allergic to pigs.

I’m sorry I haven’t been around to spread the comment love…got a little post traumatic stress going on here. Thanking God this happened to me and not one of my children.


  1. I’m surprised he didn’t at least give you an Epipen if there’s a chance it’s an allergic reaction. I’m not very impressed with that doctor.

    I’ve talked a a whole lot of people who’ve had the shot and you’re the first I’ve heard about having a reaction. That doesn’t help you, I know…but generally speaking, people seem to be fine.

    Hope you feel fine soon.

  2. OK now will probably freak out for you (at least pray) until you post again so we know all is OK!!

    Please post soon! You may have to 2 or 3 times during this 48 hour span of time!

    Praying protection over you girl!! And your family!!!

  3. Well for the sake of making you feel better, it could be worse. 🙂 You could have ended up like that poor girl from Washington that got the shot and now can’t WALK because of her nuerological reaction. Hope you feel better soon!

  4. That would have scared the crap right out of me and yes, thank God it didn’t happen to one of the children instead.

    I still plan to get the shot once it’s available to the general public, at least if I have a reaction, hubby is a doc!

  5. My daughter already had the flu this season (could have been H1N1 but doc told us to stay home unless we could Not control the fever)so we feel pretty safe about not getting hers.

    My son had a bad reaction to the seasonal flu shot last year and ran a 103 fever for 4 days.

    We are just staying really watchful on this one. Feel better soon!

  6. My wife’s 11 year old daughter just got the shot yesterday, and so far, so good. We have no interest in getting it.

  7. That is scary. I don’t know of anyone that’s had a reaction like that. Hopefully it’ll pass very soon!

  8. couldn’t pay me to take it.

  9. Holy Crap… that’s all I can think of to say right now. Holy Crap.
    I have never heard of anyone getting that kind of reaction. You poor thing. Sounds like you were terrified, and rightly so… I would have been the same way. And, panic attack is probably an understatement ( from one hypochondriac to another… LOL)

    Soo glad you are okay. Did the doc at least give you some valium, or something to calm you down?? I would be a total wreck. You poor thing. Sending ((hugs)) your way.

    I was actually diagnosed with a confirmed case of the virus, been sick for a month with pnuemonia – sounds like I was much better off actually getting the stupid thing!!! ~ LOL

    Again, glad you’re okay!!

  10. OH GREAT. My kids are getting the shot next week and now I will thinking about YOU before, during and after…

    I was actually thinking of skipping it because I’m a lazy person by nature and I hate going to the doctor’s office. But then I think if I skip it my kids are totally going to die….

    I know, I’m silly. And lazy.

  11. I live with an allergy reactive dude we keep Claritin and Reactin in our cars and home and he’ll easily take 2-4 of them when he gets that fat lip feeling. Also if your so inclined ask your Family Dr to get you a referal to a allergist so that you can tell what exactly you are allergic too before the next shot or whatever comes in contact with you. Second or if you get the chance 3rd reactions are always worse.

  12. WOW. You poor thing. I have not heard of this, but one of our friends did get very sick from the vaccine..she got a bad case of the flu.
    Glad you are ok…take care, suz

  13. That would have freaked me out, too. Glad your kids did not have the same reaction to the vaccine.

    We are getting the shot as soon as it’s available here.

  14. Oh that is terrible. i’ll pray it’s over for you soon.


  15. I hope you’re ok now. That’s scary.
    No one in my family has gotten the shot and we have no plans to.

  16. Glad it wasn’t your kids too. I don’t think I would have left the doctors office. No gaurantee!?

  17. WOW hun i am so sorry you had such a bad reaction to the vac. But girl let me tell you i am 2 weeks in to the flu and it aint pretty! If i could time warp back i would take the numb toungue over this flu! I promise you! It is very scary and i am so sorry you went though it from the shot! My heart is with you but you dont want this nasty pig crap! I begged H4L to let me die during this flu!

    I am a bit shocked at your dr though! I would think he would send you home with an epi pen if nothing else!

  18. None of the five of us have had any reaction, thankfully.

    Hope you are over yours quickly and there are no lasting effects! Scary is right!

  19. I hope you are okay and doing much better! I’m not suprised that no one told you about that possible reaction. And it is scary that people aren’t being told! I don’t believe in any seasonal flu vaccines, so we won’t be getting it. Please post soon so we know that you are alright!

  20. How scary! I’ve had mine already, too, but thankfully no bad reaction. Not even a sore arm (which I did have after the regular flu shot). So glad you are okay and that the kids didn’t have the same reaction.

  21. Oh honey! You are so much braver than I am! I don’t think I could drive myself to the dr’s. I hope you get feeling better.

  22. My hubby is a doctor; he hasn’t heard of this reaction either but suggests some anti-histamine. Hope you’re okay.

  23. If I’d known in advance what to look for then yes, I would still have had it, but been better prepared. It’s not knowing what is happening that is the scary bit.

    You are so lucky to have had the vaccine, over here they are just about to immunise risk groups, but not ordinary people like me. I don’t even know when my five year old daughter will get the vaccine.

  24. I hope these symptoms go away really soon. That’s scary!

    Keep us informed!

  25. First of all, you are to be commended for your honesty in posting what happened to you. Talking about adverse reactions to vaccinations is right up there with stating that you think our soldiers should all come home. Stop making that face, it’s a compliment.
    Secondly, I googled reactions to the swine shot, and guess what. There are more complications to getting the shot than there are to getting the flu. That’s something they don’t tell you either.
    Third, and last, go to for information on how to boost your body AFTER you have had the shot.
    Feel better honey. Hugs to you & your kids. xo d

  26. Oh my. I can’t believe they would just send you home. Pretty darn responsible of them. I don’t know if I would’ve gotten the shot then either.

  27. That was terrible. I’m so sorry that happened to you but also thankful it didn’t happen to the kids. I am in the age group where I should get it, have severe asthma yet I won’t go. Over 30 years ago I had a doctor that told me I should not get flu shots so I don’t. I normally do not get the flu and I hope it stays that way.

  28. That is just wild… I am sorry that happen. We did the H1N1 but my little one did not get the shot but the nose one. She goes back next month for more. Sorry that happen to you.

  29. OMG!! I hope that by now you are ok!! I was scared of that shot to begin with…this sealed the deal!

  30. Now I’m scared to get that stupid shot! More scurred than getting H1N1? Hmmm… I hope you’re okay!!!

  31. That’s scary. Thankfully it wasn’t the kids who had the reaction! Glad you are OK! Too scary! No one in my family is getting the shot (we already made that decision early on).

  32. I hope you feel better girl! I decided against the shots personally. I never get any type of flu shot. The flu came around our neighborhood pretty strong and I was the only one in the house NOT affected. My BFF took her kids to get the mist version and her daughter got sick the next day. I think I’m gonna take my chances… cross your fingers for me!

  33. Oh no…thats horrible, I really hope you feel better. I’ll think of you tonight in my prayers!

    I have never recieved the flu shot before and for some reason I refuse to get the H1N1 shot. I am a huge germ freak, but I cant get myself to get the shot. I had a flu a couple weeks ago, they said it can be swine but they really do not know because symptons are exact to that of a normal flu.

    Are you feeling any better? I hope so!

  34. Um, I just had an anxiety attack reading this!! I tend Overreact to symptoms as well. One little symptom can turn me into a frenzy!! Glad you are feeling better, but that IS SCARY!!

  35. Yikes! That’s scary, girl… was wondering where you are and am glad to hear you are OK and your kids are too 😮

    I agree about the Epipen, you should have gotten one just in case.

    Cheers to our health system… :-/

  36. That would have scared the beejeezes out of me, too! Yikes!

    I hope you are better today!

  37. Uhhhhh. reason 1 why I am not getting the shot. Did I mention I am a paranoid FREAK1?

  38. Your swine allergy coupled with said hypochondria and writing talent is awesome. Sorry for the scare and grateful I was able to enjoy the story. Interesting though. Our H1N1 is the nasal kind and completely unavailable to most all people. Hard to understand that with no understanding of your reaction or ability to predict they sent you home. REally?? No advice or suggestion for relief???Glad you are ok..

  39. kathy downey says:

    OMG,I don’t know of anyone that’s had a reaction like that,that’s scary!

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