Top 10 Ridiculous Reasons Love The Fall!


I know it’s September.  My head knows we should be preparing for apple cider, pumpkins, crisp fall air and warm chunky sweaters.  The problem?  My heart is rebelling.  Here is South-western Ontario we missed summer.  Insert stomping of feet.  We didn’t get the hazy hot days, the “It’s so hot I could cook an egg […]

Getting My Groove Back With HamiltonBeachCA ! #Giveaway


School’s back! I know, I said the “S” word.  The good news?  September is the perfect month to get re-organized, start anew and get your groove back!  During the school year my girls run me ragged.  From School to Dance classes.  From Volleyball practice to Cheer events.  I am not exaggerating when I say there […]

What I Wore After THE Dancing Disaster


This one time I walked into a crazy sale and walked out with a deal that was so incredible I did a wee dance of joy!  That dance of joy turned into a ridiculously embarrassing moment when I slipped, turned my ankle, and then turned bright red.  I had just sprained my ankle doing a […]

Get Back Into Routine With This P&G #Giveaway


Back to life, back to reality!  The new school year is here and it has hit hard!  The early morning rush.  The after school melt downs.  Cramming activities in after dinner and still finding time for homework?  Somewhere in there it would be nice to squeeze in some family time, dare I say it, even […]

He’s My Lobster


Do you believe in soul mates?  Someone you were simply meant to be with forever and ever, no matter what? Eighteen years, two children, a dog and a cat.  Facing the world together with all of it’s love, and all of it’s loss.  Sticking together through difficult times.  Celebrating all the good this crazy world […]

It’s Time To Visit Calgary and The Calgary Zoo!


Calgary Alberta! Have you been?  The City of Calgary boasts a ton of spectacular activities and attractions perfect for the entire family.  One of these must see attractions is The Calgary Zoo! Located right in the heart of the city and only five minutes from downtown, the Calgary Zoo has offered visitors from around the […]

Introducing Pure Via! Win A $150 Prize Pack!


Today I am excited to introduce you to NEW Pure Via™ Stevia Liquid sweetener. Sweetened with a naturally-sourced sweetener made from the pure extract of the stevia plant, it has a clean, sweet taste and contains zero calories!  Since it’s naturally sourced, I’m comfortable giving it to my family. Pure Via™ Stevia Liquid dissolves quickly […]

Hillbilly Is Not A Good Look For Me


Do I scare easily?  Perhaps.  Horror movies make me rather jumpy.  Spiders give me the shivers.  Even the Weather Man with his “tornado watches” can put me on edge.  But the one event that can make me sick to my stomach with fear?  A trip to the dentist.  Pathetic, I know, but it’s the truth.  […]

How To Survive School Lunches In The Suburbs #lifehack

If it’s one thing I think we can all agree on, it’s that making a couple of hundred school lunches in a year sucks!  So back by popular demand, my post on how to survive school lunches in the suburbs.  Hope you are all surviving the week! Mwah xoxo   Did anyone else have themselves […]

How NOT To Die When Snorkelling


I’m a pretty decent swimmer.  I’m confident in the water, and will take you on in a race, you know, if you need me to.  I float like a champ, can complete a somersault without getting water up my nose, have been known to play a little volleyball in the big fancy pools, and have […]