What To Wear At The Cottage!


Almost Cottage Time! A week at the lake is good for the soul, and I may have been doing the “I’m going on a cottage vacation countdown” for the last three months!  So what to pack, what to wear? Easy! Here’s my list of top 10 things you need to have an easy, breezy and […]

In Search Of A Food Hacker! Kraft Canada!


Have you heard?  Kraft Canada is looking for the ULTIMATE Food Hacker! Are you fearless in the kitchen? Do you know the difference between a spork and a splade?  Refuse to serve anything as mundane as an ordinary dinner to your family?  Much prefer to create your own signature dish never serving something straight out […]

But I Thought My House WAS Clean! Dyson Review


I know, you’ve seen the ads.  I know you’ve listened to the stories.  I know you might have even seen the before and after pictures demonstrating the power of the Dyson but you have never, not ever, heard my take on the power, wonder and true brilliance of the Dyson DC66 Animal Vacuum Cleaner. I […]

Through The Eyes Of A Child: WW


This month we escaped the suburbs and took on the big city of Toronto.  One of our stops on our whirlwind tour was to Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada.  Want to know what’s kind of takes your breath away?  Being astounded by the teeny wonders of the world, through the eyes of a child.  Breath taken.  […]

The CN Tower: A Must Do For Families Visiting Toronto


58 seconds at 22 Kilometers an hour.  That’s all the time it takes to usher your family from the ground floor to the Look Out Level of the CN Tower, a staggering 346 meters (1,122’) off the ground.  Your ears pop as you exit the elevator and tentatively make your way over to the famous […]

In A Rush? Join Us For Dinner In 15 ! #DinnerIn15


I keep promising myself; this is the week I will be more organized. This is the week I will get on top of things because surely “things” will slow down.  I will conquer the calendar and be dominant in the kitchen!  I will go grocery shopping once a week, have all dinners planned ahead of […]

Designer Dress Equals Dancing Disaster!


My name is Stephanie and I am a shopping addict.  Full disclosure:  I am not capable of walking by a quality sale without whipping out my credit card and taking full advantage of the deal! So this past week, as I was taking my BlueEyed girl to a pool party, I found myself physically drawn […]

The Happiest Party on Twitter: #DisneyFamilyTravel


In the mid-1960s, Walt Disney’s dream was to build a family resort destination like no other. The dream became a reality when Walt Disney World Resort opened in 1971, featuring Magic Kingdom as the centerpiece. If you’ve ever wished to gaze upon Cinderella’s castle, hold Mickey Mouse’s hand or take a journey under the sea […]

Subway Surfing: WW


What happens when you take a group of girls and put them on the subways of Toronto for the very first time?  They make a scene, and subway surf.  Of course.  First, you look for “the train”! Then you cheer when it arrives, and hold your breath as the subway takes off. Is there anything […]

How To Have A Luxury Family Stay In Toronto: The Ritz


Every once in a while there are milestones in life that need to be celebrated.  One of those occasions we could not allow to pass without the biggest of pomp and circumstance was that of my Mother’s 70th Birthday.  How does one celebrate such a birthday?  By whisking her away to Toronto for a stay […]