Home Depot For The Holidays! #HolidaysHappenHere


The holidays are the perfect time to add some love to the house.  Little changes, sweet decorations, lots of candles, a few lights, and of course the perfect Christmas Tree can make a huge difference in the feel of your home.  Are you in need some inspiration?  Pop on over to see what is available […]

A Crayola Holiday! #giveaway


They are some of the most difficult people on you list to shop for.  They don’t need anything, they want “something” but aren’t sure what to ask for.  They are stuck somewhere between child and teenager.  They are a combination of the sweetest of sweet and the most challenging of all, they are the tween!  […]

This Face! ~ WW


Last night we went out and picked up an order that we placed a couple of weeks ago. A GIANT dog crate.  Why?  Well, because this weekend we are finally going to go and pick up this little monkey!  Our Blue Great Dane pup! So I can’t chat now; I have to go and stock […]

It’s A Showstopper Jewellery #Giveaway !


Friends!  There are only FIVE Saturdays left until Christmas! Eek!  You do know what this means right?  The shopping malls and plaza are bananas!  Parking spots can only be found by playing the stalking game, and stress levels start to soar as you desperately start the hunt for the perfect gift for everyone on your […]

Trying To Capture The Bliss : #BeachesMoms

Over the past few weeks I’ve tried to put into words the beauty, the charm, the vibe; the enchanted place that is Beaches Resort Turks and Caicos.  Clearly by now you know I have fallen in love with this tiny island, the people and the incredible beach.  You also know I am a fan of […]

It’s a FamilyTravelCA Twitter Chat With Beaches Resorts!


It’s that time again!  Time to grab those calendars and save the date for the fastest and most entertaining hour of the month, the #FamilyTravelCA Twitter Chat!  Have you ever taken your family on a luxury all inclusive vacation?  At an all-inclusive there is an opportunity to make memories, spend quality time with the one’s […]

Lazy Sunday Morning Meme


It’s a very rare Sunday morning in my house.  The girls are sleeping and the calendar is bare.  There’s no reason to set the alarm, rush off and scatter to the wind.  We have an entire day for us and I’m going to make the most of it.  So today I bring you a very […]

TOYS! TOYS! TOYS! At The #fpwishlist Twitter Party!


Have you made your Christmas list yet?  Do you know what you will be getting all the little people in your life?  Do you even know where to start?  Deep breath, let me help!  There is a wee bash going on next week, a twitter party, that’s going to put you in the know and […]

Find The Joy Fridays!


In the world of blogging we’ve created some “days”, some prompts if you will, to spur on our writing, give us a theme, get us thinking as we sit at those keyboards with kids screaming in the background and the coffee that we’ve microwaved three times in an effort to remain caffeinated.  We have Travel […]

Join Us For The #TenderTootsies Twitter Party!


It is so cold outside tonight that my furnace truly can’t keep up.  It’s whirring away as hard and as fast as it can, but the temperature in my house just keeps dropping.  There’s no denying it, winter is on the way and it’s time to get prepared!  We have the coats, we have the […]