Longest Winter Ever? WW


For me, finding a way to bask in the sun, keep your spirits up, and stay warm in the winter is a true challenge.  You have to rely on hats and all manner of winter wear to try and keep from freezing.  In the end, your  imagination  is your most powerful tool as you pretend […]

Red Prince Apples: Available For A Limited Time!


In my house I hear one thing over, and over again.  “Mom, there is NOTHING to eat!”  Gah, these words have even been heard when I’ve just completed a $200.00 grocery shop.  Frustrating?  Oh yes, and I know I’m not alone in this phenomenon.  The hunt for the perfect after school snack can be a […]

Join Us For the #GameDayFood Twitter Party!


It’s time to get ready for the big day!  The biggest football game of the year is almost here!  In our house, prep mean two very different things.  Hubby gets the Television’s all set up.  Yes, this requires the moving of TV’s so we can have TWO televisions playing the same game.  I don’t know […]

How That Yearly Physical Is Like A Hot Date- Sorta


It’s that most dreaded time of year again. (and this time I’m not talking about the Dentist) It’s time to go and get all the bits and pieces checked at the Doctor; time for the yearly physical.  As I lay in bed fretting about the big old bag of salty chips I had just consumed, […]

My Chiropractor Is Going To Love Me


This will quite likely be the very last time I can lift my giant puppy.  4 months, 54.5 pounds and ridiculously long and lovable.   PS Please ignore the hot mess I’m in; mini photo shoot completed for my Mom!

Schick Wants You To Fly Free For Life! #Contest


The chance to Fly Free For Life!  Where would you go?  Where would I go?  I’d start with a whirlwind trip around some of the must see places in Europe.  I’d jet all over Italy, France, Greece and England.  Then maybe rest a while on some tropical island and plan the next adventure. Just thinking […]

On Kindness, Forgiveness and Growing Up.


Imagine if women supported, loved and cared for each other the way little girls do.  With their whole hearts, to the depths of their souls.  Imagine if we didn’t need any one else’s approval to be happy.  Imagine a world where kindness, honestly and  were qualities that were valued above all else.  Imagine if every […]

A Day At Barefoot Beach: Bonita Springs Florida


Looking for a unique beach escape for the day?  Barefoot Beach Preserve Park is located about a 20 minute drive from both Ft.Myers and Naples.  You access Barefoot Beach Park by driving though a winding street surrounded by  palm trees stretching up to the clouds, and a gorgeous residential area.  This is perhaps the most […]

What’s In My Diaper Bag? HUGE #Giveaway!


What’s in your diaper bag? When my girls were babies I kept a diaper bag stocked and ready to go at the front door.  I was always prepared and ready for anything!  At a moment’s notice I could pick up and head out for those “must do” grocery runs, walks to the park, trips to […]

Cause When A Great Dane Tells You To Stay…


Did you know that Great Danes run warm?  As in their body temperatures are warmer than ours by a few degrees?  I read this in a book, and now I’m a believer.  Why?  Well, because when a Great Dane tells you to stay…. ….you stay.  Just cuddle for a while. Geesh, as if I could […]