The Night I Survived An Ice Storm ~ GIVEAWAY


It was supposed to be a fun little winter getaway.  A chance to leave the suburbs behind, play in the snow, indulge in good food and cheesy movies.  A little mid-winter adventure for our family of four.  I had visions of playing cards, baking cookies, painting nails with my girls, building snowmen and then warming […]

When A Great Dane Discovers Golf


Finally, SassyHubby has found someone who loves golf as much as he does. He watched that boring golf game for close to an hour!  Perhaps a dog really is Mans best friend.

It’s A Diamond Anniversary At Disney!


Disney has done it again.  Given us just one more reason to start planning that trip to the most magical place on earth.  This year, Disneyland Resort will celebrate an incredible milestone, their Diamond Anniversary, and in true Disney style they are pulling out all the stops!  Here’s a sneak peek at what they are […]

Passive Aggressive Letters From The Suburbs: Bewilderment


It’s that time again!  Time to get some ranting off my chest.  Of course in the most passive aggressive way possible, some kinda sorta anonymous letters sent out into the cyber world.  Have a complaint against humanity?  Feel free to play along. Dear Swervy, Guess what?  You live in Canada. Up here in the Great […]

Who Will Clean Up? Join us Sunday at the #RoyaleOscPurrs Twitter Party


Hurray!! It’s that time again!  Red carpets, spot lights, jaw dropping dresses and all the pretty people gathering in one place.  A night when Hollywood pulls out all the stops and takes the time to celebrate the best of the best!  Yes, a night when dreams come true.  I do enjoy a good fairy tale […]

My Top Five Must Have Travel Essentials! #Giveaway


I’m at it again, planning that next vacation!  This is my happy place.  There are so many details to nail down before one can jet off to places unknown; the timing has to work with kids busy schedules, the hotel must be in the perfect location, flights must be confirmed, parking at the airport has […]

Those Eyes: WW


Just because today needed more puppy! PS Look at those paws! Can you imagine how big he will be by 1 year?

Join Us For An Urban Barn Twitter Party – Thursday @ 8PM EST !


UPDATE Thanks to the AMAZING people at Urban Barn I have an EXCLUSIVE promo just for you fabulous people attending the Twitter Party.  Please enjoy this special promotion, a 15% furniture discount which can be redeemed in-store on Grand Opening day, Saturday, February 21st at the Leaside location! (below is the same code, different size) […]

Oh Baby It’s Cold Outside


Mother Nature is at it again.  She’s showing her power with ridiculously cold weather, blasting us with freezing temperatures, and has me once again asking why on earth I live somewhere where the cold hurts my face! As I sit here tucked under my favourite cashmere blanket watching my girls playing with our giant Great […]

On Snow Days, Movies and the Very Best Popcorn You’ve Ever Had!! #Giveaway


This week we had a super special awesome kind of day.  A self imposed snow day with all the trimmings!  We ignored the phone, turned off the internet, and built a roaring fire.  We stayed in our PJ’s all day long, pulled out some vintage board games and began a marathon of Monopoly and Scrabble.  […]