TRUTH from the Suburbs


Oh it’s that time again.  Time to get some stuff off my chest, put it out there, and simply vent a little.  After all telling the truth and letting it go has to be cheaper than therapy right?  Besides…this venting thing, it’s kind of a tradition here at How To Survive Life In The Suburbs. […]

On Busy Lives, Throw Downs and Cake!


Do you hear that?  It’s the the elusive sound of family chatter!  Oh how I have missed it.  It’s sad but true, time together as a family can be difficult to chase down.  This family is ridiculously busy, but aren’t we all?  It seems to be the curse of this generation.  Between a crazy work […]

The Elusive Date Night

Fair Collage

As I rocked my baby to sleep and coerced my cranky toddler back to bed, I used to soothe my tired soul by reminding myself that in just a few short years we would return to the land of the dating.  Hubby and I would get back out there living it up together.  It wouldn’t […]

Get Ready For Fall With COVERGIRL – #Giveaway

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 11.17.44 PM

*Please note the following giveaway is open to Canada only It’s no secret that I am a summer girl.  I love the heat, the sunshine, pool days and the cliche walks along the beach.  Nothing beats the radio blasting as we drive with the windows down, dinners with the family on the patio, drinks for […]

What I Wore ~WW


I have failed you! After reaching out to y’all for your sage advice for “What on earth should I wear to a wedding that requests Formal Attire?“.  I did not get one decent picture of myself with my tricked out date at that formal affair!  I mean, I took the obligatory selfie en route to […]

A #PopUpContest Just For Being Fabulous!

#PopUpContest - Prizes Promo (Twitter)

Over the past year it has been my extreme pleasure to be your Panty Party Co-President!  I mean, how many times in life does a girl get to brag about that?  Chatting about all the cheeky ways we protect those panties, starting real coverstaions with such smart women, and having the opportunity to give away […]

On Counting Sheep & Small Aggravations


What do you do when you can’t sleep?  When you’re tossing and turning ,and the counting of endless sheep is just not working? There must be some kind of magic cure to get the brain to slow down so you can enter that sweet slumber that a busy Mama so desperately needs.  I lay in […]

Leaping Deer Adventure Farm ~ Giveaway


Located just off Highway 401 between Woodstock and Ingersoll, in Oxford County, Ontario, or an easy 40 minute drive from London, you will find Leaping Deer Adventure Farm and Market.  It’s a hidden gem.  This sprawling property offers sweet delights for the young, and the young at heart. A perfect place to spend a day, simply […]

First World Problems


I spilled my coffee. Not only do I have to clean that pumpkin spice disaster up, but that Starbucks I had been sipping was super yummy.  I wasn’t done with it yet. I’m trying to buy a new chair for our family room…I can’t find one I like. Westelm? Wayfair? Do I have any Canadian […]

Back To School Lunch Hacks!


Back to school, back to routines…and back by popular demand, this post from a couple of years ago outlining how to survive those back to school lunches!  The only way to get through all those HUNDREDS of lunches, make it easier for yourself!  Here’s my fave trick, my biggest lunch hack for surviving school lunches. […]