Carrying On With One Twisted Easter


When my girls were wee, Easter Morning was all squeals and sunshine.  Running from behind doors, to peeking under couches.  Skipping while searching and competing to see who could find the most Easter Eggs.  I frantically tried to capture the moment with my camera, while their Dad straggled behind grinning and rubbing his eyes; both […]

Sports Mama! WW


Three cities, four days, two very proud parents. Yes, some awards and medals were won, and a few tears were shed, but most importantly, memories were made.  Now we catch our breath until the next event, thankful for incredible coaches and healthy happy girls.  I hope you enjoyed this very late and “almost” Wordless Wednesday, […]

Cheered Out At Hilton Hotel And Suites Niagara Falls!


Cheered out!  We spent the first sunny weekend of 2014 in the touristy Niagara Falls.  The reason for our visit was the “Nationals”, the Cheer Competition that sees more than 400 of Canada’s Top Cheer Teams go head to head to fight for the title of National Cheer Champion.  As it seems every single weekend […]

When I Should Have Been Packing


The week ahead s a CRAZY one.  In under FIVE days I have to get TWO girls to THREE different sporting events in THREE different cities.  I’m going to log ohh about 12 hours in the car and countless hours cheering and wiping away tears of pride.  My babies work hard in their dance, volleyball […]

Clean Water Twitter Chat! #cleanwater


How often to you run to the kitchen for a drink of cold refreshing water?  Do you ever leave the tap running as you brush your teeth?  Are you like me and are truly looking forward to celebrating the arrival of summer with an icy cold lemonade?  Dozens of times each and every day I […]

Hunting For Sweets: WW


On a recent trip to Toronto I took time out for a slow and easy dinner with an old friend.  The slow pace didn’t last when that old friend presented a challenge; to track down a shop in Toronto rumoured to make the very best macaroons this side of Paris.  Hmm did I want to […]

…and then I turned into my Parents?


Spring is here!  Spring is finally here!  Finally in South Western Ontario the sun came out, the snow has almost melted and winter finally took it’s last dying breath.  I did what ever self respecting Mama in the Suburbs does; threw open my windows and started yelling at my kids to help me “clean up […]

Top Chef Canada, SpongeTowels & a $250 Giveaway!


Three Cheese Chile Relleno with Pico de Gallo, Fresh Ricotta Tortellini with Summer Truffle, Coconut Tapioca, Fruits & Coconut Macadamia Crumble.  Oh my goodness!  Is your mouth watering yet?  All three are Top Chef Canada inspired dishes that will leave you begging for more!  Yes my friends, Top Chef Canada! It’s back and the 4th […]

My Late Night Love Is Retiring ! Letterman!


My TV crush is retiring!  Say it isn’t so!  Last night the smart, quick witted and always entertaining David Letterman announced that he is retiring next year.  He didn’t give a specific date for his last show, but 2015 will be his last year.  Time to start winding up those PVR’s and getting ready to […]

Feeling Beautiful At Every Age: Olay


“It’s what’s on the inside that counts.” “Real beauty is on the inside.” These are the things we tell our children these are the things we tell ourselves, but is it true?  Yes, the inside counts, but shocker…so does the outside! Last week I had a very unique experience. I was invited to attend a […]