Evolution of Watson! ~WW


Watson, the Great Dane Pup and new addition to our family, has only been with us for two and a half weeks, and I’m already shocked at the changes we’ve seen in him, and in us.  This collector of lost socks, lover of crumbs, and complete cuddle bug, has helped us create more family time […]

Dinner; Better Late Than Never? #HolidaySecretsExposed


The first family Christmas dinner that I ever hosted, was served “promptly” at about 9PM at night.  Not fabulous with a bunch of little kids running around.  I forgot the freshly baked buns …in the oven…for a long time.  Then spilled a full bodied red wine, all over the delicately set dining room table.  Cue […]

Duracell PowerSmiles for the Holidays! ~#Giveaway


I will never forget the morning of the “Christmas fail”.  The year my dear daughter looked up at me with her big blue eyes and her brand new toy wondering why it just wasn’t quite as magical as she had expected.  The problem?  No batteries!  Nothing like a mad scramble through the junk drawer and […]

The One Word Challenge


It’s Sunday night, and I truly did have some deep thoughts planned to write and share today, but real life got in the way.  SassyNephew came to stay for one night full of giggles and bliss, and then a migraine took me down hard; ruining the remainder of my weekend.  I’m currently wallowing in “to […]

Join Us At The #HersheysThankYou Twitter Party! Thursday!


How do you say thank you to those special people in your life?  Chocolate is always a good idea, and no one knows this better than HERSHEY’S.  Just in time for the Holiday Season HERSHEY’S has created the Thank You Store!  The Thank You Store located at 473 Queen St. West (Queen & Spadina) in […]

Help With That Last Minute Shopping AND A Heys Luggage Giveaway!!


Eek! There’s less than two weeks until Christmas!  It is officially time to start freaking out!  So many gifts left to buy and not enough time!  For me, the stumbling block is always trying to find the perfect gift.  One that will make the people in my life grin from ear to ear, or squeal […]

Girls Night In At The Fisher Price Show Room!


This weekend I caught up with some very good friends, ate some delicious food, laughed until I cried, reminisced a little, and learned a lot.  I spent my Saturday night with an amazing group of social media influencers at a charming holiday event, the Fisher Price Show Room.  It was a Girls Night In hosted […]

He’s SO innocent!


A Great Dane pup is like a toddler.  You can’t leave them alone for a second!  Why?  If you do, they will be eating your socks, putting leaves in their mouths and climbing on the furniture like they own the place! Good thing he’s cute! 10 Weeks, 28 pounds.  Let the adventure begin!

Shopping Channel Sneak Peek & A #Giveaway !


Every once in a while I get some mail that makes me very, very happy!  Today was one of those days!  Hidden inside a sleek black box was a little present from the good people of The Shopping Channel, a gorgeous collection of purminerals make-up all wrapped up for the Holidays!    Why was I gifted […]

The Winding Streets Of Paris, Le Sigh


Have you ever felt as if you have walked onto a movie set?  This was the overwhelming feeling I had as I strolled the winding streets of Paris, holding hands with the love of my life, immersed in the sites and sounds of this glorious city. Around each corner, a new surprise, more beauty. Hours […]