The One Where I Share Too Much About Me

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My name is Stephanie, I’m 44 years old and I own that. I am Canadian!! (and proud of it)  Happy Canada Day, eh! I’m addicted to travel and a complete hotel snob.  I own that too. My hands shake when I have to do any kind of public speaking. I am truly directionally challenged.  (and […]

Ultimate Summer Bucket List For Teens

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Someone once told me you only get 18 summers with your children.  That statement has stuck with me forever more.  Eighteen summers to squeeze in as much fun as possible, live in the moment and make as many memories as possible.  Each summer for as long as I can remember my girls and I have […]

7 European Destinations On A Budget


Image by Les Haines used under the Creative Commons license. Since the Euro began weakening considerably against the Dollar, you’ll probably find yourself contemplating a trip to Europe this summer.  However, because Europe is such a popular destination, depending on which country you go to, it can be very expensive, but there’s hope for all […]

Preparing Her For The Path


When I dropped my SweetGirl off at Junior Kindergarten, she was just shy of her fourth birthday.  A quiet, bright-eyed, inquisitive little thing; she was clearly more ready for the transition to “big school” than I was.  On that sunny day in September I put on a brave face, tied her blonde tendrils into teeny […]

Gearing Up For Summer With S’more Ice Cream!! ~ A Hamilton Beach Giveaway


Sunny days, swimming pools, balmy nights and ice cream.  It’s time to celebrate because it finally feels like summer!  No more countdowns, no more rushing around, and goodbye to the dreaded car-pool!  (well until September!)  It’s time to slow down, soak in the sun and instead of rushing and running, we can relax, enjoy and […]

Falling Down The Rabbit Hole ~ SandalsOchi


A sweet salty breeze, a cloudless night, and dinner served as the scorching hot day turned into a warm balmy night.  Just when I thought my first dinner in Ocho Rios couldn’t get any better, it did.  We sat under the stars and were served in style, out came some authentic Jamaican cuisine that was fit […]

No Problem Mon ~WW


While in Jamaica, it’s always No Problem Mon. Do you think the gorgeous locals just let their troubles drift away into the ocean? Today and always I’m trying everything I can to hang on to that laid back island vibe. It just a sweeter way of life.  Imagine a world where it always “No Problem”? […]

It’s a #TravelCash Twitter Chat! June 25th 9pm EDT

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School’s almost over!  Only nine more school pick-ups in that crazed parking lot, not that I’m counting.  It’s finally time to sit down with the big family calendar and do one of my very favourite things ever; plan those summer vacations.  I foresee road trips and shopping excursions to the United States, and even an […]

He Packed, She Panicked? – #MomsIntuition

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I am an avid traveller.  Given an idea for a trip, a big plan, or just the seed of an idea I will run with it.  I will not turn down an excuse to hit the road.  The key to road trip survival; the prep!  I am Queen of the lists and Master of the […]

On Sneezers, Party Boys And Seat Kickers On The Plane


It’s not hard to be polite. Being courteous, using your best judgement and being kind should just come naturally no matter where you are.  Shouldn’t it?    This is why I find it so odd that when some people find their butts in airplane seats all bets are off!  They lose they manners and become […]