Samsung GALAXY Tab 4 #Giveaway !


It’s almost “that” time of year.  The hectic, crazy (some would say somewhat magical) time of back to school!  Back to school means more hectic schedules, more carpools and less down time.  I live and breathe by the calendar and appreciate more than ever each moment of family time I can squeeze out of our […]

It’s Time To Get #Eggcited4Eggs – Twitter Party!


Oh no! It’s that time again! Time to set that alarm and start dragging the kids out of bed for school!  Wait.  Is this a scary time or a kind of wonderful time?  Perhaps the jury is still out on that one!  One thing I do know, school mornings can be a rush and it […]

It’s A #HealingMix Twitter Party!


Today I am tired.  A Mama of two girls running between gymnastics and cheer leading.  Dance class and volleyball.  Keeping up with my girls, my house, my life keeps me on my toes; but it’s nothing compared to how truly exhausted I was right after I brought those babies home from the hospital!  How did […]

The Dark Side Of Cottage Country: WW


No Dumping?  The people are not listening.  PS.  the dump was very, very smelly.  My SassySis and I did not enjoy that particular odour! I hope you enjoyed this “almost” Wordless Wednesday!  Please leave a comment below and feel free to link up your Wordless Wednesday’s in the linky below.

Chasing Down An Urban Legend: The Minden Shoe Tree


I have just spent a glorious week in cottage country.  Well, it was almost a glorious week.  The one bump in the road; Mother Nature did not feel the need to bless us with sunshine and balmy days but instead saw fit to throw some rain and fall like temperatures for almost half the week.  […]

CityPass : Worth The Price Of Admission!


  Have you heard of CityPass?  Toronto CityPass is a booklet of admission tickets to five must-see tourist attractions in Toronto. You’ll save 45% compared to combined regular box office prices, but it’s so much more! See The Best & SAVE!! Not only do you save 45% on tickets, but CityPass Toronto gives you access […]

Living The Cottage Life


We made it to the cottage!  A vacation I look forward to all year long. (no really I have a countdown on my phone and everything!) It’s a chance to unplug, and spend an entire week with the one’s I love the most.  Long hot summer days spent swimming off the dock. Contemplating who can […]

Waiting To Adopt!


Our little family of four is on a waiting list to adopt….a new puppy! Yup!  So as we await the news that the new babe has arrived and it’s our turn to take home our new bundle of joy, (and trouble), we take every opportunity to stay in touch with our truly awesome Great Dane […]

The Ultimate Cottage Packing List!


So you have one week until the long awaited cottage vacation.  You’ve scrimped and saved, your entire family has been looking forward to this getaway for the entire year, and suddenly you realize. Crap.  In less then seven days you have to figure out how to get two families organized, packed up into two cars […]

80 Days ‘til Paradise!


In 80 days (yes I’m counting) I will be packing my bags and headed off to Social Media on the Sand.  An unbelievable event that will see influencers from all over the United States, and a few of us from Canada, gather together to celebrate and learn all about the Beaches Resort in Turks and […]