Game Of Life ~ CAA Edition! You Could #Win BIG!


Spin the spinner, move through life, and hope you land where you were meant to be. THE GAME OF LIFE is not that different from the real thing.  In THE GAME OF LIFE, you have the opportunity to hop in your little white car and take off in pursuit of your dreams!  You make career […]

On Sweet Cravings, Sneaky Thoughts & Hoarding


There is a wee problem in this house.  I buy the sweet treats, the cookies, the very best ice cream sandwiches, and the damn things are gone before I can get my greedy little hands on any of it!  Now as a woman over 40 I know I can just plop my big butt back […]

It’s Slowly Killing Me….


His Snoring. I know I’ve complained about it before, but friends, my SassyHubbys snoring has reached a new and epic level.  Have you ever thought about placing your entire hand over your mans face, putting your feet in the middle of his back to “help” him roll over, or flick his ear sorta hard just […]

Fall Has Made It’s Entrance: WW


Summer has given up and quit on us, it looks like Fall is here to stay.  Please, please be a long warm season, I am so not ready for the dreaded snow that comes next. 

Now For Mothers Healing Mix : Make Time For You!


I am the Mama of two girls.  Two girls that I love with all of my heart, but let’s be honest, they keep me running.  I try to do my best by them.  Right or not, I put them first, make sure they get enough sleep, time with their friends, exercise and of course eat […]

Family Travel Chat with Trafalgar Canada!!


I have been DREAMING about taking my kids on whirlwind trip around the world.  But where to start?  It’s over whelming and there are truly so many places I want, no need to show them.  Even after I narrow it down, and pick where I want to go, do I want to spend the entire […]

In Search Of A Perfect Sunday


I wish I could tell you I‘ve done a good job of protecting my families weekends.  I have not.  It seems the older my girls get, the more insane our schedule becomes.  The weekends I used to cherish, look forward to, sometimes even live for and count on as a way to relax, reconnect and […]

You Could Win TOYS For A Year! #fpsmartstages


I don’t know if you’ve heard, but Christmas is only 98 days away!  What?  It’s true, and between now and then some of us have got a lot of shopping to do!  Not just for Christmas, but for loved one’s birthdays, and if we’re lucky a baby shower or two!  Buying gifts for the little […]

Attention Lovers of Scary Rollercoasters! Cedar Point!


Hot off the press! When Cedar Point opens in 2015, there will be a brand new reason to scream, a rollercoaster with no floor!  Rollercoaster lovers unite as Cedar Point announces the debut of Rodgarou! It feeds on screams! SANDUSKY, Ohio  – Cedar Point, The Roller Coaster Capital of the World!®, will introduce a dynamically […]

On Pinching Cheeks and Bittersweet Birthdays


Today is a pretty big day in my house, my SweetGirl is turning 13!  As of  today there are officially no more “little” people in my house, Today my SweetGirl becomes a teenager.  Two teenage girls and two adults living under one roof?  Life is about to get much more interesting. From the very beginning […]