How NOT To Die When Snorkelling


I’m a pretty decent swimmer.  I’m confident in the water, and will take you on in a race, you know, if you need me to.  I float like a champ, can complete a somersault without getting water up my nose, have been known to play a little volleyball in the big fancy pools, and have […]

A Beautiful Summer


This weekend we celebrate the very last weekend of the shortest summer ever?  There’s been too much rain and perhaps not enough sunshine; but we’ve managed to balance it all out with time with friends, some quiet nights, and a few glorious weekend escapes. I’m not ready for summer to be over, but I can’t […]

Pedal For Kids – Jump Start Twitter Party! #JSPedal2014


Canadian Tire Jumpstart is a national charitable program that helps financially disadvantaged kids participate in organized sport and recreation. Jumpstart does some amazing things by helping to cover registration fees, equipment and/or transportation costs for these children who other wise would not get to participate. Since it’s inception in 2005, Canadian Tire Jumpstart has given […]



Are you on twitter? I Just posted this super easy to enter and fabulous Giveaway! Just follow the tweet; (here is the link!) Follow @The_PantyParty on twitter, and give me a Retweet!  Let’s see those retweets! The giveaway will end TONIGHT, and is open to Canada Only! Good luck!

Missing The Quiet


The countdown is on to back to school and the frenzy has already begun.  Mornings are spent in a panic, doing that “last minute” back to school shopping that I fear my girls will remember me for.  Afternoons are crammed with soaking up the sun with friends.  Squeezing in the max beach time and pool […]

Two Year Old With A True Potty Mouth #IceBucketChallenge

No matter where you stand on the ice bucket challenge, this little darling will make your jaw drop.  Turn up the volume, I bet you watch it more than once!    So what do you do?  Wash her mouth out with soap, or maybe challenge everyone who watches her sure to go viral video to […]

#StaplesGoingBack Twitter Party Wed., Aug. 27th 7pm EST


The countdown is officially on!  It’s kind of like Christmas! There’s a great big build up to back to school, only at the end you don’t get to open up a bunch of presents and spend time with family.  Instead you dress up your babes in their very best and send them off to start […]

In Praise Of The Night Out


This weekend we had the opportunity to get all dressed up with somewhere to go!  A wedding.  Perhaps the sweetest kind of celebration.  It was just the two of us; my SassyHubby and I.  No kids?  This was a rare occasion.  No children to look after and time alone with my man.  It was time […]

Samsung GALAXY Tab 4 #Giveaway !


It’s almost “that” time of year.  The hectic, crazy (some would say somewhat magical) time of back to school!  Back to school means more hectic schedules, more carpools and less down time.  I live and breathe by the calendar and appreciate more than ever each moment of family time I can squeeze out of our […]

It’s Time To Get #Eggcited4Eggs – Twitter Party!


Oh no! It’s that time again! Time to set that alarm and start dragging the kids out of bed for school!  Wait.  Is this a scary time or a kind of wonderful time?  Perhaps the jury is still out on that one!  One thing I do know, school mornings can be a rush and it […]