The W San Francisco : Hotel Review

When seeking a hotel in the heart of San Francisco there are a dizzying array of options.  Large chains, trendy boutiques, tiny spots with a view and so much more.  I recently had the opportunity to stay at and review the W San Francisco on a whirlwind trip to the city by the bay.  Here’s […]

25 Places In Canada Every Family Should Visit

Are you ready to plan that next summer vacation, but don’t know where to start?  Maybe this is the year you should stay a little closer to home and explore the beauty that exists right in your own back yard.  Blogger and Author Jody Robbins is here to help.  Just in time for summer Jody […]

Lombardo Street – What To Know Before You Go

Cars were honking. Kids were laughing. I was gasping. How were they doing that?  This was not a street I would ever want to drive down and yet there was a line-up of cars patiently waiting their turn to drive down the most famous street in all of San Francisco. We had made it to […]

Unique Gift Ideas For Dad This Father’s Day! ~ $200 Giveaway

It’s that time of year again.  Time to scramble, scratch and search the internet and the stores for the perfect gift for the Dad in your life.  Are you tired of gifting ties, socks and chocolate?  Then you will want to pay attention here!  Breakaway Experiences has hundreds of uniques experiences on offer that may […]

How To See San Francisco In One Whirlwind Weekend

San Francisco is like no other city in the world and with holiday time at a premium, many of us are left facing the harsh reality that we have to pack in as much as possible into the little amount of vacation time we have each year.  If you find yourself in San Francisco and […]

Chasing Cars

If you need me you can find me in the streets of San Francisco. I’m the one chasing cable cars, following the smell of fresh baked sour dough bread, eating all the fresh seafood I can handle, and listening to the waves crash along the side of a great big boat as we head out […]

Bucket List – San Francisco Baby!

Do you have a “Travel Bucket List“?  A dream list, either in your head or tucked away somewhere on some pretty piece of paper.  A list of dream destinations you hope to one day have the opportunity to visit, explore and get to know.  I do, and I shall fully confess this little list of […]

Calling All The Bad Moms

Calling all the failures, the Bad Moms, the frustrated women of the suburbs. Perfect mothers need not read on. Do you ever feel like a complete and utter failure. Like every thing you touch is a total disaster?  Then you will understand my feelings of last week.  You are my people. Here’s the thing.  Some […]

Deep Breaths And Sweet Smells ~ $180 Giveaway

I have a very odd fear.  It’s a fear that my house smells like dog.  Gross.  The problem?  My house does smell like dog.  My “puppy” is a 200 pound Great Dane named Watson.  He bounds through the house with no cares that he’s leaving a trail of muddy paw prints, slobber and puppy smell […]

Tattoos And Teens. Current Mood Frustrated.

Current mood: Frustrated I just narrowly avoided having a very heated discussion with my teens about tattoos. Yes tattoos. Apparently “everyone is getting them“.  Yah, not in my house. Honestly I think the rules around here are pretty loose.  Family first.  Then school.  Sports/jobs are next and friends are extremely important too.  Respect your parents, […]