It’s What Hot! #BeachesTeens


You may have seen my tweets, my Facebook announcement or perhaps my Instagram post.  Missed it?  Not to worry, humble Mama brag ahead.  My girls have been invited to take part in a very exciting program; the brand new Beaches Resort Teen Advisory Panel, and I couldn’t be more excited for them. How do you […]

Overwhelmed Yet Thankful?


Why does winter last for months on end and the summer fly by in the blink in an eye?  Is it the heat?  Perhaps it’s because I’m one of those “crazy Mama’s” who prefers to have their kids home for the summer.  I like the house bursting with life.  Maybe it’s just a sign of […]

Things They Don’t Tell You About Owning A Great Dane


There were some things I knew when I committed to adding a Great Dane pup to my home.  I knew his temperament would make him the perfect family pet.  I knew our new little love was going to eat….a lot.  I knew he would be work and the cuteness factor was going to be ridiculous. […]

10 Simple Travel Hacks ~ Plus A #Giveaway


There might be only one thing I like better than travelling. Planning to travel!  So with that in mind I bring you my list of 10 Simple Travel Hacks carefully chosen after years and years of indulging what can only be called a travel addiction. 1. Consider Booking One Way Tickets It sounds strange but […]

It’s Not That Kind Of Wagon!


Remember when you used to pull your little one’s to the park in one of these?  Up and down the block, through festivals, to the neighbours house, or just around the driveway to try and maintain your sanity. Well, this is not that kind of wagon!   When I spotted this little blue beauty tucked […]

50 Fun And Free Things To Do In San Diego

oceanside pier sunset 960 x

Do you have a Travel Bucket List?  I do, and it’s a big one that just keeps growing.  Somewhere near the top of this list is stunning San Diego, California.  I’m ready to hop a plane with my family and explore the city that brought us the The San Diego Zoo, Old Town, LEGOLAND, and […]

Best Mascaras For A Wedding? My Top Five Picks


What does a vain girl do before she heads to a wedding of good friends?  She prepares to look her best, gets out the fancy shoes and of course gets prepped for the tears.  This weekend I will dance until my feet hurt, laugh with some fab friends, put on my finest clothes, and in […]

Celebrate The Pan Am Games At Novotel Toronto


You can feel it in the air, the excitement of an influx of people from across the world, the anticipation of world class competition and the opportunity to watch your country compete against the best of the best.  The Pan Am Games have arrived in Toronto and the fever of this incredible celebration has taken […]

On Pool Boys, Rude Neighbours and Messy Houses. Letting It Go


Pardon me.  I’m sorry.  Opps.  Oh gosh!  Did that just happen?  Should I worry?  Do I really care.  Whatever.  No matter what I do, where I walk in life, one thing remains the same;  I am a worrier. I think too long, let things stew, and let crap bother me that shouldn’t.  When it comes […]

Summer Friends and Pool Problems


There might be nothing stranger than being the owner of an in ground pool in Canada. For nine months of the year we stare longingly at a black tarp covered in all manner of leaves and standing water.  So what do we do?  We take great care of that black tarp.  In Fall we ensure […]