How We’re Doing Christmas Shopping In The ‘Burbs This Year

Have you ever stopped and thought about the staggering number of special people in your life.  People that have touched your life, the life of your children, who make your day to day living just a little bit sweeter.  We are blessed.  When Christmas rolls around, you may find yourself counting them again.  Why?  It’s […]

Get Into The Outside With Cougar ~ Giveaway

Winter is coming and it’s no secret that I am not a fan.  Blistery cold mornings.  Numbing winds blowing through the streets in the afternoons.  Miserable dark evenings that start too soon and last all together too long.  I dread going out to scrape the never ending snow off my car, get the mail, pick […]

Give The Gift Of Beautiful Skin! $110 Giveaway

Winter can be especially difficult….for your skin.  The wind, the cold.  Brr!  The season throws everything it has at us, and that cold and dryness of the winter weather is particularly unforgiving.  You have to take care of yourself and pay special attention to your skin   One thing I will not scrimp on?  The […]

How To Choose Your Room At Beaches Negril Resort & Spa

The Beaches Negril Resort & Spa in Negril is located on a 7-mile beach at Long Bay in Negril.  It’s a cozy, medium sized resort, on a truly stunning stretch of white sand beach.  Once you’ve decided this is the resort for your next family vacation, your next big choice?  Which room. There are so […]

Motivation Monday ~ How To Make Today Not Suck

Let’s face it, as far as days of the week go, Mondays are the worst.  Fridays are all Fri-yeah! Saturdays are crammed with fun.  Sundays bring us lots of time for family, then WHAM.  Mondays.  Back to school, work, groceries, cooking, car-pool.  Bleh.  A big old dose of reality slapped right in your face.  You […]

Gifts Your Tween & Teen Will Love ~$305 Giveaway!

It’s time to find some inspiration for one last group of lovelies on your list!  The tweens and teens.  Gift cards are always a safe bet, but when you want something a little bit more personal, here are our top choices for that “in-between” age this year. Micro Mini Beauty Blenders On every teens Christmas […]

Holiday Gift Guide – For The Little One’s!

  Day three of our fabulous Holiday Gift Guide has us shopping for some of the little people in our lives.  From babies to school aged kids, here are our top picks that will pack in the giggles, the cuddles and the joy under the tree this year!   Dream Buddies   These cuddly companions projects […]

Perfect Gifts For Him ~ $155 Giveaway

Day two of all our fabulous picks and even more giveaways! Read on to see what you should be stocking up to put under your tree this year for one of the hardest people to shop for on your list….that man!  Here are our choices for Perfect Gifts For Him. The Joshua & Sons Men’s […]

Holiday Gift Guide ~ Unique Gifts For Her

The holidays are fast approaching.  Do I dare tell you that there’s only a terrifying 33 days until the big day?  Not to worry, no need to panic. At How To Survive Life In The Suburbs we have you covered!  For the next 5 days we will present to you unique holiday ideas for everyone on […]

Kindness ~ Beautiful Ways To #Donate2Create

I’ve recently returned from a remarkable afternoon in Toronto.  It started out like many others visits to the city.   Spotting the iconic CN Tower, a stroll through some of the trendiest shops in Yorkville and indulging in an overpriced coffee as I window shopped my way down Bloor Street.  It ended with me having […]