A Place You Can Breathe

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Sometimes it feels like a mad dash.  Do you know the feeling?  The crush, the pressure, the craze to get everything you need to get done, so you can just “get to the cottage”.   Is it worth it to scrimp and to save?  The panic and mad packing, the fight you have to make through […]

It’s A FLASH #GIVEAWAY Worth $160! #StayfreeFun

Flash giveaway - Stephanie V3

Are you on Twitter?  Oh I hope so because I have some super exciting news! I just posted this super easy to enter and fun giveaway! Just follow the tweet; (here is the link!) https://twitter.com/SassyModernMom/status/636553136254156800 Be sure you are following @The_PantyParty and @SassyModernMom to qualify! Let’s see those retweets! The giveaway will end August 28th […]

Join Us Thursday At 8pm EDT For The #TDAeroplan Twitter Chat

TD Aeroplan

It’s no secret that I’m a girl who enjoys a good getaway.  I adore every single aspect of it.  From the research and the planning, to the packing and the getting there, to the actual SIGH of contentment when we reach our magical location.  My only issue, the moment we are wheels up, or on […]

The Last Days Of Summer ~ $300 Giveaway!

Stayfree $300-Valued Giveaway

*The following giveaway is open to Canada only I once read, you only get 18 summers with your children…. I intend to make the very most of every single one of them. At the beginning of each summer I sit down with my SassyHubby and we create a master plan.  Seriously, we really do.  This […]

Off The Grid


Every once in a while you just have to do it.  Force yourself to shut ‘er down, turn it off, unplug.  This week, I swear I am doing my best.  It’s hard for this Mama to it off, but if there is one place worth doing it; it’s cottage country. If there is someone worth […]

Sensational Snacks For The Cottage (or anytime)! #Giveaway


Every year my SassySis and I undertake a massive mission.  To rent a cottage for our little families, cram us all together under one roof for one crazy week, and make as many memories as possible.  One problem we have every single year?  There are never enough snacks!  (and I will admit, the snacks we […]

Finding Peace Of Mind With #InsuranceThatFits


It’s a soft place for our children to fall, a welcoming place for friends and family, a quiet refuge from the crazy of everyday life.  For 20 years we’ve loved it, nurtured it, updated and cared for it.  It’s our house, actually not just a house, but our home.  With each passing year, as we […]

Did I Just Shower With A Stranger?


I’m in Cincinnati on a little work gig, and am staying at a little boutique hotel called the museum21c.  After a VERY long day of travel, I dragged my ass into my room, dropped my bag, and forced myself into the shower.  My day was not over yet.  A group dinner was on the agenda […]

Back-To-School Beauty and Walmart #BeReady2Roar Giveaway!


**Disclosure: I am a P&Gmom. As part of my affiliation with this group I received compensation, products and special access to P&G events and opportunities. The opinions on this blog are my own. When my girls were 5 or 6 years old, back to school shopping meant countless hours picking out cutsie little dresses, jean […]

The Best $20 I’ve Ever Spent?


We were in the farmers market when my daughter spotted something shiny she just had to bring to my attention.  What the heck? I was very quickly informed the little gadget in question was spectacular, and we just had to have it.  The strange contraption was meant to slice apples, and was quite obviously the […]