All About Shopping AND A Giveaway ! Win A $100 GC

Apparently it’s Fall.  I say apparently, because I think Mother Nature is still on her Summer vacation!  I’ve been blissfully soaking up these last few days of sunshine, knowing that soon enough, I will be moaning and complaining that Old Man Winter has come to stay.  How does a Mama prepare for this dreadful change […]

Garaga – Inspiration Found

I live in a 30ish year old house.  Not “old” by many standards, but as it turns out, old when it comes to many things house.  This house of ours, it needs some love.  On the long list of renovation dreams for our home; the bathrooms need new counters, my bedroom should be painted, the […]

Il Salviatino ~ A Piece Of Paradise In Florence

Located on the outskirts of Florence, the Il Salviatino is a little piece of heaven just waiting to be discovered. With only 45 rooms, and seemingly as many staff, Il Salviatino is a unique luxury boutique hotel for the discerning guest. There are 40 rooms and 5 unique suites for a total of  45 suites, […]

Dreaming Of Life In Burano

Day dreaming in full force. Have you ever thought about packing it all in and trying a completely different life?  Somewhere foreign, exotic, perhaps the polar opposite of the life you live now?  As I wandered the cobblestone streets of the tiny Island of Burano off the coast of Italy, the little day dreamer in […]

The Taste Of Testaccio Food Tour – Eat Where The Locals Eat

Are you a traveller or a tourist? Do you go somewhere and really want to see it, know it, be changed because of it? Do you long to know it’s history, meet the people, perhaps even have an impact? Then, perhaps you are a traveller. One way to really get to know the area in […]

How To See The “Big 3” In Italy, With Teens!

You’ve dreamt about it, watched all the movies, and bought every travel book in the book store. Hours have been lost both on Pinterest and on-line scouring sites as you try and plan the perfect vacation to Italy for you and your family. Where does this leave you?  Overwhelmed. There is an abundance of information […]

Take The Trip

As I frantically run around my little corner of the suburbs, doing all the mundane things one must do; laundry, groceries, banking, paying bills and fighting with school calendars ,I realize I need to give myself a little time out.  Life has a way of getting away from us.  Over scheduled, so chaotic, too many […]

7 Tips For Healthy Travel

  Are you ready to travel healthy? Tips for Taking Your Family’s Healthy Lifestyle With You on Vacation Whether you are planning a week at the cottage or a plane ride to an exotic countryside, you will want to stay healthy while away! Vacations can be a nice break from your regular routine and provide […]

The Suburban Mama Code ~ Rewind!

As you read this I’m off exploring Italy with my family on a trip we’ve been planning for….ever?  But I didn’t want you to think I’ve forgotten about you!  So today I bring back one of my old, tired and true posts.  A few little rules every Mama should know if they are going to […]

Best Travel Tips Ever

My parents took me on my first out of country trip when I was 12? Maybe 11 years old.  I’ve been hooked ever since.  The next 30 odd years of travel, adventures and research have taught me a few things. Here are my hard fought for, well earned, best travel tips to make your next […]