No Shoes Required ~ Beaches Negril

Just miles and miles of white sandy beach.  Oh and yes that bright blue water.  No shoes required as you wander and explore.  No filter required when you take pictures of this little piece of paradise.  Where is this hidden jewel? At Beaches Negril Resort and Spa in Jamaica. If strolling the beach is a […]

An Uncommon Christmas ~$100 Giveaway

Do I dare tell you how many Saturdays there are until Christmas? How many days?  No, I won’t do that to you.  What I will do however is tell you about a site I’ve discovered that is going to make that upcoming Christmas shopping not just a whole lot easier, but dare I say it, […]

Venice Boat Tour with Grand Canal & Tower Climb with Walks of Italy

16,000 steps. The number of steps our family was taking on an average day walking through Italy. Time spent meandering, touring and sometimes just getting lost. So when presented with the chance to tour Venice on a boat I took the opportunity to see this mesmerizing city from another perspective.  The water! Our tour called […]

The Quick Touch Crisp Microwave ~ Changing The Way You Cook!

Here’s something you’ve probably been hearing on repeat.  I’m busy, swamped, crazed, crushed for time.  This Mama is tired!  Here in the suburbs we’re firmly back into the crazy hectic routine of school. This means after school activities are back on, the pressure of homework is in full force, and we’ve always got carpool, work […]

Taking Back My Sunday

Once again Monday has rolled around and I find myself startled by it.  How is it Monday already?  Where did the weekend go?  Friday night was the usual crazy.  Errands, groceries, take-out, we did manage to squeeze in a movie.  The weather was gorgeous on Saturday and we enjoyed every minute.  But Sunday?  Sunday was […]

Hotel L’Orologio Venezia – An Apartment Hotel in the Heart Of Venice

Have you ever dreamed of having your very own home in Venice?  Living life like a real Venetian, you and your family spread out in a spacious apartment, watching the gondolas go by your picture window as you drink your morning coffee and make your plans for the day.  This dream, and so many more […]

Hair Hacks With Goody ~ And A $200 Giveaway!

The alarm clock seems to go off earlier and earlier every single day.  Is that possible?  We RUN to get ready for school.  Dash to get home from school.  Then it’s time to cram in a snack, homework, dinner then we are off again to a plethora of after school activities.  Volleyball, work, gymnastics, dance. […]

Beaches Negril – 10 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Paradise

Located on the widest stretch of Negril’s famous 7-mile Beach, Beaches Negril encourages you to start your vacation from the moment you land.  It has a chill, laid back atmosphere, and yet hosts a lively night life for those who seek it.  There are kids programs galore, and of course the food and service the […]

The Truth About Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving, if we’re lucky, Thanksgiving is that one day a year we all gather with our families and give thanks for our many blessings.  We embrace that warm and fuzzy feeling that comes with this Holiday and then hang onto it as long as we can. As it approaches, visions of perfect Turkey dinners dance through […]

A Picture Perfect Day In Florence

There are some places that are difficult to put into words. They hold too much history, too much beauty.  Florence Italy, capital of Italy’s Tuscany region, is one of those places.  So today, a walk down those incredible winding streets and a peek at some of the hidden gems in the middle of this beautiful […]